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The only truth is Eclipse and Primetime have the best 2021 players in the area. For anyone to say they are full of holdbacks shows they are envious of the success of both programs. I personally know Express North did not have one hold backs on the team last season. This area is full of great coaches on a bunch of teams and everyone's main concern should be is my son getting better being on the team that he was on.

I do think Schreiber, Daniello, Hanford should get together and have a tournament in the spring for this area. They should be trying to get these kids playing at the level of the top teams on Long Island and in Baltimore.

God Bless to all on 9/11

Why do you equate people calling out programs for encouraging and promoting the holdback phenomenon and envy? Are you an LIE North parent who knows there were no holdbacks last year? How do you feel about parents holding their kids back a year to be able to better compete against your son? These programs are exploiting children and the parents are buying in. Very sad.
The irony for Daniello, who, on the one hand is passionate about John Jay lacrosse, coaching both 8th grade youth and assistant on JJ Varsity, by going all-in with reclassified players on PT starting in 8th/9th grades, he's been forced to cut many JJ players who had been with PT for 3 or 4 years. Rightfully so, since many couldn't compete anymore against the older competition. The problem going forward is those B level players are now scattered on various B teams, and those 1 or 2 who are still with PT are resented as prima donnas. (Which, as an outsider, was already evident this year, and will get worse going forward because of the parents) I know some on this site have issues with the Yorktown Ballers program because of conflict of interests, but putting that aside , Yorktown will continue to clean John Jay's clock for the foreseeable future just because their A & B players bond as a team even during the summer.