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Bottom line is all these club team directors think they are the ones getting the kids into college. This is a slap in the face to the head coaches of teams like yorktown, bronxville, new cannan etc.

Botton line if you are that good you will get to the big college. These club directors pray on the people chasing the dream and then when 90% don't make it they steer them to div. 3

That may be true. But programs like express, pt, eclipse etc provide a forum for the best kids to compete together in front of college coaches . It is no different than taking AP classes in high school. Not every kid gets into an Ivy League school, but it brings the brightest kids together and hopefully they feed off each other. Iron sharpens iron, man sharpens man. Of course if you are Paul Rabil, it doesn't matter where you play, but college coaches can only get to so many tourneys, watch so many high light videos. And quite frankly not so sure they care to watch highlight videos of 2 b teams playing each other in the middle of June when they can watch 91 Long Island play some powerhouse from Baltimore. On the other side of this. If you take a good lax player, maybe he is middle to lower level D1. And that kid can use lacrosse to get into a nesc ac school, that is a home run. I would take bowdoin, middlebury, tufts, Amherst over many many d1 schools from an academic perspective. Leveraging athletics to give you an edge into a quality institution is still a Win.