TS instruction that I have witnessed is ok. Nothing great or spectacular or unique, but certainly hits all the spots and not deficient in any way. I would be shocked if it were better than the instruction at PT or Express North, just based on reputation and pedigree of coaches. TS has been playing tournaments commiserate with their talent. Someone above indicated a problem with attendance and commitment at 2019. Similar problems exist at other grades, especially with regard to attendance at practice. Families are very wealthy (a generalization, I know, but I am basing it on what I see and where they live) and it means nothing to them to pay $1500 (or whatever it was) and have their kid miss tons of practice and some of the tournaments. The comparison to town summer programs is valid but most towns don't have such, so its not an option for many people. These programs seem to be in Northern Westchester and would be too far to travel for practice for most of who is at TS. Lower Westchester families are not driving their kids to Somers or Yorktown to play for Warriors or Ballers.