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Dude, we get it. You think Roy isn't a good coach - and PT isn't a good program. You are entitled to your opinion - but your opinion is laughable to most of us on this board. You aren't going to convince anyone - let it go.

Go find another program! How great is it that you get to pick where your kid plays in the summer.

If you are a tax payer you do have a right to know. Pick up the phone and call the AD. I would guess that all rules are being followed and the AD knows and support this. He obviously supports Daniello - he is one of his HS lacrosse coaches.

NET - Stop your grumbling and go find another program!

How great is it that parents have a forum to share information about organizations they are paying for. Because that's what this information sharing and Its extremely condescending and defensive to suggest that issues of this nature are of no concern