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what the heck happened to the 2023 PT team- bandits destroyed them 14-2 , doesn't seem like big Nick D is moulding champions, more like destroying dreams and emptying wallets,, wow. lets see how they do this weekend, in kind of a weak bracket .

It is so fun reading posts from disgruntled parents whose marginal kid was cut...get on with your life Dad, your kid is finally playing on a lower level team where he belongs and will be fine. Of course you will continue to be a toxic parent on the sideline infesting all the other parents with you (lack of) knowledge.......................

Agreed. Not only get on with your life, but get out of your kid's life.
My son tried out for PT (was very close, but got cut after the final invitation only tryout).It was a disappointment, but our kid learned a very valuable lesson.
8th grade is a great time to be learning to deal with unfavorable situations because the stakes are so low.