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My biggest problem with all this, and I've heard this from a few, is that the actual lacrosse played is becoming dreadful to watch. (summer teams)

I've seen this written several times and while I agree that the overall level of play has fallen, the level of play at the top end is really quite good.

The simple reason why the overall quality has fallen is rise in numbers of kids and teams playing.

The truth is that the pool of really talented, physically gifted, and dedicated players and teams has not grown much. There are only a handful of teams with parents that will happily drive to practice 10 months of the year. Let's face it, you have to be kinda nutty to really be great at any one (single) thing.

Summer lacrosse among the top teams is really great to watch.

The expansion of the business to accommodate demand had a predictable impact. If you are disappointed with the play, chances are your team is not at the top end.

And frankly that is totally fine. Some kids love to play but may not have the physical gifts others do. Many families are not willing to work out the logistics of getting their kid to the field continually. That is OK.

Quality is just fine but more varied than ever before. Whether you believe all those kids on 'B' and 'C' clubs and teams should be bothering is a different discussion.
I should have been a bit clearer, in declaring it dreadful, my point was more directed to the concept of 'team' lacrosse. I saw too much of it on PT and Express North AA 2020 + 2019 where athletic middies are taking ill advised, low lacrosse IQ shots in the hopes of being seen and recruited early. But as far as your last statement, I don't care if you want to call it 'B' or 'C' there should always be an opportunity somewhere for kids who love the game and just want to play during the summer.