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Can we ...
1- recognize Pleasantville for winning states in dominating fashion?
2- figure out how Pville had maybe 17 seniors on that team, who also were on football state champs team, assembled that epic class in that small town?
3- talk up summer club circuit with tourneys starting this weekend?

On 3 above- PrimeTime 2023 lost by 1 goal to Team 80+11 Bandits. Woah. Rocking the boat before the World Series.

Prime Time has, I am told, approximately 4 kids on the 2023 team who are not age eligible (i.e. they were born before 9/1/2004) for WSYL. They held open tryouts to fill these spots with age eligible kids. So going to Denver it will be a slightly different roster which is slightly younger. It is probably true that these overage kids are amongst the best players on the team, and are stronger than the younger players replacing them at WSYL. I don't know that Bandits have this problem. So if all of this is true, Prime Time will weaker in Denver relative to Bandits.