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so What is Bronxville's secret with 100 kids or so per class.

also Darien, ridgefield kids play all over

In the absence of quality coaches at Bronxville, the wealthy parents sent their kids out to Long Island to be trained. They got some results out of that. However, in recent years they have sent the kid s to local clubs and as a result the talent pool is shrinking back to what one would expect from a school their size. As the last of the long Island trained kids graduate, Bronxville will no longer be a powerhouse.

Interesting and insightful

I believe where the true value is in the youth programs where you have buy-in from the varsity coaches. Varsity coaches wants kids they can teach the game at a high level, which means they want fundamental taught at the youth level. If a varsity coach has to spend time on stick skills, ground balls..... it is a waste of time and a formula for a season that will never be successful. That is why the programs where the head coach instills in the youth program fundamentals, terminology... it makes the transition smoother once they hit high school. Winning is nice at that level but what everyone looks at is the high school program success. Don't get me wrong as the club level and outside training has a lot to do with it, but as long as the town\youth program can focus on the fundamentals and develop kids, it will lead to success.

WHy is Yorktown so good? Look at their youth program, John Jay (CR), Somers, Lakeland-Panas, Rye, P'Ville, B'Ville, Larchmont-Mamaroneck, Darien, Wilton, New Canaan, Ridgefield.... (I now I am missing some)...... All have strong youth programs and look at their success. Yes there will be off years, but consistently at the top

Club teams definitely have their place and are a very important part of the game these days for the kids. I have heard comments they are more important than the high school teams ( I would disagree), but truth be told this where a majority of the recruiting process is done now a days for the kids. The exposure they get at the club level is second to none.

Anyway I can keep going but tried to keep it short and sweet. Would love to hear thoughts on this, but not the nonsense about who is better than one another, this coach is selfish, ....... JUst good lax talk.