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It's funny how you comment you know who you are. Sounds like you have it out for one parent in particular when so many have indicated on this thread about bad coaching experiences with Roy. You must be his only friend.

As a dad who played lax in college and goes to both of my kids tourneys, I've never heard anybody yell as loud as he does to pass the ball to his kid then Roy. You are delliousional to think that Roy isn't doing this for free so he can coach his kid.

my "you know who you are" comment was meant as a general statement to all the sideline coaching parents who are disasters for their own kid and for lax in general... there are plenty on this team, and just about every team we play and in the youth programs too - it is the single biggest factor in kids not wanting to play according the Positive Coaching Alliance... if you don't like the coach, go somewhere else, bottom line, but first make sure you as a parent aren't the problem... the most noise I make on the sideline is cheering our team on -- all of the kids ... My son is doing great under Roy and call me delusional or not, but I am staying with him -- I dont fault anyone for not liking any coach, but there are many options.