IMO 2023 Fall Ranks

Top 3 local teams hadd success in fall. Large drop after #3. Primetime, Express North, and Preds all won or made fianls of solid tournaments. Usuall suspect 2-Way and Eclipse really fell off but summer is around the corner. Westchster/Fairfield B teams rising as overall pool evens out in middle.

1. Primetime
2. Preds
3. Express North
4 2-Way
5. Preds "B"
6. Eclipse
7. Express North CT
8. 91 TS Select
9. all others


Tricky as all only Eclipse really did well although all played very tough schedules.

1. Eclipse
2. Primetime
3. Express North
4. Preds
5. 91 TS
6. 2-Way