When a local community has the following dynamics, the sport/kids thrive:A) organized youth program with invested parent coaches, B) travel program starting young with coaches who know the sport, C) local places for more intense training (domes, cages, fields, etc.), D) strong private club options, E) modified/high school that teaches a system, F) high school team with coach who knows the community, G) alums and parents who give back in ways that foster the sport.

That Mamaroneck hockey and baseball coach has his fingerprint on little leaguers, coaches, clinics, etc- they dominate on state level. Yorktown and Darien lax do the same. From my POV, Rye and Greenwich lose too many to private schools, the sense of community isn't as strong, teams are good but not elite.

The community fosters the sport with the high school program being the center.