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I dont understand the gratuitous need to speak negatively about 91 TS 2024. The organization is only 3 years old, and its getting better. The 2024 team, which is being commented on, had a winning record by a considerable margin. Other than PT and Express North, which Westchester team is better at this age? I don't buy that Preds are. Preds play completely different tournaments and travel more - I don't know that they are at top tournaments either - just different tournaments. Some of the CT teams are better, but they are CT teams, and may not be proximate to the families on 91 TS.

Which tournaments should they have gone to? There are really only a handful of A teams up and down the coast from Boston to DC. Yes, those teams would crush them, as they would crush everyone else. Outside of that small, elite pool, 91 TS 2024 does more than fine.

Outside of one post saying 2024 91Tri only plays in "C tourneys", i don't think anyone was bashing this team. Statements match what you're stating here-- they are an OK team, have been together a while, do pretty well, and know their limitations. Actually, that should be the goal of all club teams.