On that note, I would strongly recommend any parents out there to vet these programs solidly to learn if they are really trying out for the desired spots on the squad.

I saw this last year with a "B" league outfit, where a coach heavily encouraged us to tryout and out of respect, we did. It was clear in the evening after the 1st practice when they sent out the 2nd day tryout call-back list that they had no interest in new middies or attack.

Is my post motivated by sour grapes .... not in the least. However, the tryout was the same weekend as for an "A" division club 2 day tryout, which was my son's first choice and for which my son made the squad.
Happy ending, sure..... But here is the thing; what if my son got injured at this useless "B" team tryout? He probably would not have made his first choice team..

Vetting these teams' tryouts out is really important.