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With the Preds, it really depends on the class year. If your child is on the 2020 team or previous 2017 team, they will get a ton of attention from the Preds organization. The 2019 class has been largely ignored by the Preds organization. As an example, a few 2019 Preds have committed to good D3 schools but no shout out from Preds on social media. As soon as one of the 2020 commits, instantaneous post.

They probably don't view D3 commits as marketable as D1, which is a shame. Too many kids regret the decision which is driven by peers, coaches, programs, etc. Kids need to think about education first, having SOME free time to be a college student, playing time expectations, etc. I hve two sons, one in a midlevel D1 program and my little guy is going to great D3 school and playing lacrosse there. Find the best fit.