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So many on here argue that this team is better than that as if being on the best team is somehow a ticket to playing in college and that kids should be embarrassed if they are playing on a team that is not super elite. Guess what? It's pathetic. It's your kids who are playing, not you. They're the ones who have to care at the end of the day and the minute they stop having fun, they won't care about it at all no matter how great their team is. And your status in the community and in life is not made better because little Johnny is a standout player. Whatever shortcomings you have that compel you to argue over the greatness of your kids youth lacrosse team will not diminish whether he plays at Hopkins or gets cut from his high school team. Much of what is on this board is good dialogue and exchange of information but those of you that are compelled to [lacrosse] on other programs while beating your chest about how great your son's program is have some serious character issues.