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Oh, you are so wrong - It is absolutely our business!

It is our kids who lose an opportunity for a spot on the team that the cheating child just took.

It is our kids who have to play against the cheaters week after week, and who practice and play their hearts out to compete with the cheaters who are playing down.

It is us parents who have to explain to our kids the concept of the cheaters and how life isn't always fair, but be true to yourself, play your best and have fun.

It is our kids who played with/against the child on 2019 and then ask how is he playing on 2020 now. oh, wait, I should just tell my son he is imagining it? Or it's none of our business? WRONG

Until there are rules in place against these things, it will be none of your business. They are not cheaters if it is permitted, sadly.

This forum might be the very best place to to start the cheating discussion and advocate for changing the rules. Free flow of ideas and info is what these boards should be about. I agree, leave the kids names aside, yes- but also definitely expose the unfairness and inequity. This all leaves a bad taste in our mouths.

New Jersey senator is submitting a bill to prevent re-classing in middle-school.. Saw that on a twitter feed. Would be nice if other states started to consider it and take it a little further.