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Honestly only the top 9 have a chance. The universe will course correct and UNC or Maryland will be back on top

Top 9? The IL Top 9? Will be very surprised if JMU is back and don't think SBU has a chance (I have been wrong many times in the past).

BC is strong favorite .

Outside of current Top 10 , Duke and USC could surprise. Penn, Virginia, Syracuse and Loyola could all end up as Top 10 Teams.

Will we see another JMU?? Who knows?

Who is the Dark Horse? Colorado? Virginia Tech? Any team not listed have a chance to crack the Top 10 - 15?

Saw Denver, Penn, Princeton, VATech, Loyola, ND play in the fall... All are legit. Saw CO beat SBU. They are both good.

Spring will be exciting. Definitely more parity in top 25-30