If july and sept birthday both kid are 9 on August 31 so play 9/10 together right.10 months difference. And 20 + if kids turns 11 sept
. Point is people that complaining gets you know where and is a crutch, playing up can only help or if your kid is getting run over than and scared then maybe go to AA or A division like the previous guy posted who has young kid playing at 10 months younger or more.

I never once said "unfair" and for anyone who did prek you have zero idea why but at 4 yrs old most of us had no idea what sport our kids would gravitate towards.

Keep making excuses for your child and be will always struggle, any parent wanting to give kid advantage in school i will never argue, especially if itv will benefit academically. Lacrosse is by product and if being older gets him scholarship, good for them. We all want our v kids to be successful. You seem hung up on youth lacrosse or lacrosse in general which will get your child Zippy once he is graduated..
But keep coming on here and making excuses it does not change anything. I hope we can beat a bunch of 18 yr old hawks as you would have them i don't mind playing and losing to older and talented kids.