I saw Madlax this past week, they all look like baby faced 12 year olds on 2022 but they dont care. They played toe to toe with Crabs andWon and beat DC express. Talent and good coaching is what rises to the top as well as good team chemistry if you can keep a strong core together for years. Enough of this holdback talk lets enjoy. This is what you get with Club lacrosse and we are all a slave to it so lets enjoy seeing them play. I heard people say Crabs and FCA have lots of holdbacks yet FCA is 0-2 and has scored 6 goals total. Crabs is 1-1 and while a good team not dominate. Hawks does seem to be the clear dominate team and holdbacks or not they have talent. I hope one of the other teams in the league can beat them but in the end who cares who wins HOCO league or some tournament. Lets enjoy our kids time while they still enjoy having us come to games and cart them around to practices. We will all wake up soon and have no kids to carpool around to the lacrosse fields...once that happens then we can commiserate about missing it.