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Always the same teams at these Elite tournaments. Why? Does it really mean that much to only play in tournaments that you know you will win? Just don't get it. I wish my son could play the Hawks once a week.
I don't get your point. Are you saying the competition is too weak, or that there is not enough variety? Either way, I see it differently. Yes, this weekend the tournament is sponsored by HoCo so it is the usual DC/MD/VA teams, but almost of them are nationally ranked it is hard to say it is a bad level of play. And most of the summer and fall tournaments have a good mix of teams from around the country - in the past year my son has played against teams from CA, Florida, Colorado, Connecticut, North Carolina, Long Island, Syracuse, etc. I agree that is a valuable and fun part of the travel experience and sorry you are not getting that.
What team does your son play for?