I think all of the owners/directors/coaches of the elite clubs could be called out. Why does the hawks 26 head coach belittle 3rd graders when he's winning? Why does he start fights with multiple adults?

The cost for 91 is very inline with hawks so not seeing what the cost complaints are here. You don't have to go to his camps and that's not pushed as expected. Don't know him personally but you don't see him showing off wealth or living in a a wealthy lifestyle. Hogan has asked players to help him for free (at a for profit) and he does live in a wealthy community. MM has never done that to my knowledge. Not saying 91 is such a better club and in many ways Hawks has had significant success over 91 overall. there's plenty of issues at both.

If there's a particular issue that impacted you or someone you know please share. Otherwise I don't see what's diff in MM running 91 MD vs other elite for profit clubs.