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Aloha Famous Autumn Classic in Maryland (Harford County) has been postponed a week and moved to Delaware due to COVID.

Darn....I was really looking forward to that Breakers Vs. Kelly Post matchup.

The funny thing is that there are a lot of great kids and families on those teams who will have fun at that tournament and play good lacrosse (by their standards), and they have no clue that they are being laughed at by Hawks, etc. dads, nor do they know that this site even exists. Sometimes it feels like there is an inverse relationship between the level of play and quality of the parents.

Cool Story Bro

What’s even funnier is there are a bunch of kids on those ‘lesser’ teams that are going to be far better lacrosse players in high school and college than some of the kids on the ‘elite’ 2026 squads now.

Unless your kid clearly has D1 speed and strength already, better look around.

Because there are tons of kids on these ‘lesser’ teams who are superior athletes. When their stick skills mature, they’ll be running past, over, and through kids who play on ‘better’ teams now.

In fact, most of the kids on your son’s 2026 team this fall won’t even be on the roster in a few years. Better players will come along. And if they don’t, your ‘elite’ team is likely to fall behind the competition that successfully absorbs new talent.

And the keyboard warrior dads in this forum who deride kids and disparage other clubs will still be in here trolling around in the future. But they’ll be even more bitter because their son fell further down the depth chart, or ended up on a ‘lesser team’ themselves because they couldn’t hack it with the big boys.

Yes, BOTC is a place to joke around. But have a little empathy. Because karma is a b....