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1 Looney's 8
2 Baltimore Crabs 5

I bet that was fun to watch, on the field and the sidelines.

Neither of these teams can beat the Hawks. Looneys beat a depleted BLC team by only 4 goals and Crabs lost to said Looneys team.
Amen to that; maybe the Hawks didn't play, but everybody knows how great they are, so let's give no credit to the seven teams who signed up for the Elite division and played hard, worked to get better, and played some great games; let's just declare that Hawks are the greatest sixth grade team of all time, their players, parents and coaches are a class act, and they have very few holdbacks - there is no need for anybody else to play lacrosse because the Hawks have achieved perfection - hooray Hawks!!!

Seriously, congrats to Looneys, I saw them play a couple of times during the fall and they are a great team.