You are making a fool out of yourself. It wasn't a Hawks Dad who posted about the organized tryout. It was a dad whose kid didn't make the team. As an impartial observer you need to relax. These are kids playing a game. Maybe you could just love your kid and enjoy watching them play, work hard, and push himself regardless of the outcome. Lots of people on here weren't hugged enough as kids and are likely repeating the cycle.
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Thanks Hawks Dads. News flash, other teams also run tryouts that are well organized, fast paced, with lots of coaches on the field and older kids helping out. Believe it or not, the good rec teams run tryouts that way too. But I guess the Hawks do it better and that is the reason they have won every game in two years by 10 goals or so; I guess other teams' coaches should come watch your tryouts and learn all the secrets!