Who knows, and who cares, whether it was the PA or SP Mesa team? Obviously VLC had a big win in their first game and a big let down in their second game. But having watched the Mesa team play yesterday, they are not bad at all. They are well coached and had a great goalie (no, I am not the goalie Dad). They were good enough to smack down a good VLC team when it did not bring its A game, and good enough to play Looneys and Crabs without being totally blown out. I'd say that puts them in the top 20 in the country. Wherever that Mesa team is from, good on them for playing in an extremely competitive field and going 1-2.[/quote]

So a team that is 1-7 in two tournaments should now be top 20, dream on lol. A parent told me yesterday they lost all their games since summer except vlc, and many players are older.[/quote]

They bring older kids and still lose all the time?[/quote]

Must be a stunard. If you bring older kids you are not supposed to lose. Who coaches this?[/quote]

Philly stunard!