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Can we just get back to talking about how bad looneys or fca is please? That was much more fun. Nobody cares about holdbacks or how the Hawks are going to crush everyone. We all know this. Focus commentary towards all the other B teams is much more amusing. As an example, bay-traitors and Fallston Lacrosse club should be in elite. VLC and NL blow and should remain with the Rec teams. 91 dads are nuts and should fold their team while Saltwater should play everyone at least twice a week. Thank you, PA RR dad
Good effort, but I highly doubt any PA RR dads have ever heard of Fallston or would understand bay-triators. That being said I agree, too much Hawks focus go back to making fun of others Looney's > Madlax > FCA > VLC > Next Level > some girls rec teams > True Annapolis