Looney's, Crabs, FCA, BLC dads - only ones on Field 3 to see RR play - there was plenty of pushing, shoving, and cheap shots to go around in all games, but the refs turned a blind eye for the most part. Maybe RR need to learn how to foul like the elite do it. RR played a disciplined game and has done well enough against these nationally ranked "2026" teams:
13 VLC
16 Looneys
18 Bethesda LC
29 Baltimore Crabs
If your team didn't play well against a lower division team, then maybe more practice is needed before going against your peers. Playing against older kids now is good practice for high school and college, but playing the age game in middle school makes lacrosse less fun to play for some. Some boys thrive on challenge and will succeed despite the odds. HoCo placed teams in 2 divisions, instead of 5 in spring, or your teams wouldn't be playing RR, so blame it on poor foresight.