Hawks HC was out coached in every big game he coached in before he picked up all the bigger kids. Once puberty hits we will again see his true coaching ability. Our coach beat him twice in the same tournament.[/quote]

this is true and not surprising sadly. why our teams parents have secretly nicknamed the hc, rage. i fear our kids are one foot out the door and probably headed to madlax or 91.[/quote]

Tend to agree as those afflicted with Stockholm syndrome usually do not to rebel against their captors, but the bald guy in jean shorts with the floppy hat and sandals does look like a maverick type. If we see the parents with dyed purple hair at the next tournament we will know the resistance against Rage is real.[/quote]

Another week gone by and still waiting for a poster to better or enhance this thread or 91 dad to come back[/quote]

They're not coming back. This thread has outlived its usefulness. Go back and read the past couple of weeks of commentary; it is nonsense over nothing; there was even a guy carrying on a dialogue with himself; I have stopped reading/posting and I recommend the rest of you do the dame. Get a life.[/quote]

Translation, Rage is the defeated poster and is unable and not smart enough to defend himself. MD lax dad trolls full tilted Rage. Lol !