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No need to debate the age issue. It's simply true that it gives the good clubs an advantage over the club teams that do not play with athletes that have reclassified. No biggie, but in most other sports, the best players move up... not down. But hey, if it helps you sleep at night knowing that your kids would likely struggle vs age appropriate competition, all the power to you. Otherwise, let them battle it out with kids their own age and see how they do.
The top 3 ranked attack recruits at 2022 are all reclassed kids who played up at the club level until HS. Now that they are playing down with kids in their same graduating class, they are dominant. The combination of playing on age through youth lacrosse and falling back to their grad year in HS has served them well, the caveat being that they may well have been top 5 prospects in the class of 2021 had they not reclassed or done pre-first or whatever.