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Hawks and MadLax were both in Delaware yesterday but did not play each other.

Was that the choice of Rage, or of MadLax?

Madlax played those same 2 teams, the Madlax B team and Freedom 2x. I'm having a hard time finding Freedom on the most recent top 100 rankings.

I guess Madlax can strut their stuff at the Fall tourney. Oh, no wait, they are not playing in that one.

I am not a MadLax nor a Hawks parent, but knocking the team that MadLax did play (twice) does not answer the question - was it the choice of MadLax, or the choice of Hawks, that the two teams did not play each other? It seems odd that two top 10 teams, both of whom skipped fall HoCo, were at the same venue and did not play.