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every single team discussed on this forum has holdbacks.... let it go already.

Absolutely true, any team in top 20 US club lax rankings has to have holdbacks otherwise they wouldn’t be competitive.

That is not true, LI teams don't have holdbacks.

No one talks about LI teams in this forum, maybe in the Northeast forum, not in MD.

No one here cares about LI

It still blows my mind that there are grown men, talking, arguing and bashing each other over middle school lacrosse. No dog on the fight but it’s surely entertaining to read!

Btw- until you beat hawks regularly, which no one has done yet- it doesn’t matter. They are #1 until further notice.

With a little bit of lick hoco will be held in the spring and this will all be settled then.

If LI and PA teams want a shot, play hoco, only a short trip down 95