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I am laughing while reading this as it is apparent most of you do not understand the NAL brackets this year. My son plays for a NY team who is in the tournament so I know how the brackets are set up. No matter if the Hawks, Crabs, True or another mid-Atlantic team played in NAL they would not play one game versus the NY and NJ teams. There are two brackets, one with teams from NY and NJ and one with teams from Md and PA. Because of Covid the two brackets do not crossover into a championship series. The two best teams of each bracket play one another at the end with their being two champs (one from each bracket). It’s the same set up as used in Hershey this past summer, but instead of hiding Express among weak teams in the weak bracket (ala this summer) the teams are segmented by region.

So my family is driving from Long Island on Sat to play teams we play all the time. We will not be playing any of the teams from Md. A lot of expense and time for us for the same old. While not a Hawks fan they are not ducking, cause even if they showed they would play only the local teams they always play, while we play only the teams from our region. No dog in the hunt, just saying....

OK Hawks guys, afraid to lose to MadLax 91 Tigers and probably nxt.