Actually, I’m the one that initially posted about the rec kids on Looneys, and my son does not play for Looneys. The guy that said I was “trying to make this a thing” was partially right. I posted this solely to point out to the elite club parents who always put down the rec kids, and dismiss them as if they can’t play because they haven’t been on the roster of an elite squad since they were toddlers, that this team is proving them wrong. I love the fact that this particular group of “rec kids” has been competing with and beating elite teams all summer, and are only going to get better as they get more experienced.

There is a ton of great talent in the elite division. All those kids have to come from somewhere. As these boys get bigger, faster, stronger, it’s all going to even out...and you will see that some kids that spent most of their life playing rec for $300 a season will suddenly start passing kids who played elite level since they could walk at a few thousand dollars per year.