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First not a Hawks dad. My son plays for BLC and they played Hawks 2x at Summer Exposure. The Hawks middie that typically dominates play at HOCO was injured in the games and played very little. I agree he is their best player. Given his limited playing time In the games BLC player parents on the sideline were enthusiastic that our boys would win. Instead many other Annap players carried the load in both games and they easily dominated our guys. Hard to admit it but I left the field very impressed by the very complete nature of what I saw of that Hawks team.

All true except the part where BLC played the Hawks only once. The Dads that have been with this team since second grade were not enthusiastic that we would win so hard to believe that this is actually a BLC Dad.

BLC dads know that the team has a long way to go before it can beat the Hawks or any other top 5 team but we will continue to improve through hard work and commitment.