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Players come and go.
If you don’t like FCA, there’s a reason.
Get over it and move on.
They continue to help players get recruited.
Maybe they aren’t top tier but they will continue to get better, add players over the next few years, and have players get recruited.
History repeating itself year after year.
Chest pound and let your son enjoy his middle school trophies.
There is no arguing with a proven model.
Guarantee some of the turtleneck dads who talk trash about FCA now will have their superstar trying out for FCA in the next few years. Wonder why that is?

Let’s just say I’m guessing a massive exodus from several clubs from 2024 down to 2027 based on coaching alone. Unless your son is a stud athlete this club has no intention of developing him; they get guess players to come in during the summer to trophy chase and then pound their chest. If your interested in this club seriously talk to the parents on the sidelines and get their thoughts on how the club is run. It’s joke and there is a reason the Director left for Crabs. 26 and 27 are collapsing and 24 and 25 will follow.