It depends on how much Daddy Coach is willing to forsake whole team to get his son ahead. Look no further than
" give it to the 9th grader" Coach.

Holding back , Daddy Coach all seem to work to some degree at other players expense. I dont like it, but MIAA is loaded with Daddy Coach players and Holdback/prefirst players. It is what it is as they say ! [/quote]

Ahhhh, there it is, the holdback reference for the day. I cant believe it took so long.[/quote]

I was expecting the holdback apologist a little sooner too ! I cant believe it took so long ![/quote]

Keep eating those L's and looking for an excuse other then just not being good enough. There's plenty of wall space![/quote]

Where is team 91md daddy, he been awful quiet. He was talking been game in the fall.texas deliver?