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Hopefully there is so lacrosse. Probably local only. The fact that hawks and laxachusetts will not play each other for a 2nd consecutive year is beyond ludicrous. They will not get better playing slow motion, unathletic Long Island kids, or the leftover local riffraff. Maybe the two organizations can figure something out

"slow motion nonathletic long island kids" ?? Wow, you for real dude? Your comment is more than laughable....even more so that its coming from a 6th grade wannabe parent whos obviously living his life through his kid.

Easy there..Let me explain this,

What he means is MD and MA players who should be in 8th and 7th grade and hitting puberty at this time dont find on age prepuberty children in 6th grade one/two years younger that much of a challenge. Only a few on age 6th grade teams can compete at this time from LI.

Might have a point at this time, but in next few years things will change. Playing down sooner or later catches up to you.