Dream on. Watched tigers beat hawks and prime time almost beat hawks.[/quote]

and we watched Primetime beat Tigers and Towermen beat Tigers and then Hawks beat Sweetlax NY in the Championship

We also saw Hawks beat Tigers 12-4 at NAL[/quote]

If you have to justify how good your sons team is there must be some doubts.........hawks reign is coming to an end.[/quote]

Plenty more Hawks losses or near losses in last 18 months[/quote]

Hawks lost to our laxachusettes team at the crabs tournament. Watched them almost losing to tigers in nlf championship game.The looneys told us they beat them as well.[/quote]

"OUR" Laxachusettes? You cant even spell your organization's name correctly? Not sure when Looney's beat them, but definitely not recently. Since that Game at Boys Latin over 2 years ago, I believe they have lost to Edge and to the Tigers in OT just last week.