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Can somebody provide color and background on WSYL - which teams attend, how legitimate is it, etc. I think it is in Colorado (??) and if so, I would assume that a limited number of teams have the budget or desire to attend. But if they do manage to attract most of the USL top 10 in one place, without holdbacks, that would be a very cool event. Thanks!

It is normally in Denver, this year it is in the DC area and is for 13u and 14u divisions since it was cancelled last year. If it is a success this year, one would imagine that they keep that format for future years.

I would assume that it attracts more teams being that it is on the east coast and will not cost as much to get a team to Denver. It looks like the Hawks are playing, minus 4, or 16 depending on the post. Several other Elite teams as well most likely. Hopefully Saltwater too.

I for one hope that a local team can take it this year and end the NY run.