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Hawks and MadLax were both in Delaware yesterday but did not play each other.

Was that the choice of Rage, or of MadLax?

I was not at the Tournament this past weekend but saw the schedule on the Machine and follow this Board. In prior posts it was written that 1/2 of Hawks kids play football. This explains why they did not play on Saturday. When they played their two games on Sunday it only made sense that they play the teams from the west coast who traveled so far to sample East coast competition (all teams played 2x on Sunday). With only playing 2 games it seems it would not have been fair for Hawks to land in the championship game vs 91. It seems to me the Hawks were gracious to play w/o ability to make final and the tournament host was gracious to all teams that played 4 games to make that a requirement to play in final.

Crazy how obsessed posters are re Hawks and their Coach ducking teams, etc. My guess is they played on the non-football day just to get some game exposure ahead of next months more competitive schedule.