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My son does not play for FCA, in fact, he doesn’t play elite level at all. But he has played against the player you are likely referring to when that player was at his previous club. In my opinion, that kid is an absolute monster when he’s on the run with the ball, and when he gets the ball he is basically a one man wrecking crew, who can run through a team and score on his own. However, when the game slows down I think he lacks the stick skills to set up in the offense, work the ball around and score. And that’s if it’s the same kid I’m thinking of. But I would like to hear from an FCA parent about this as well.
I hear what you are saying, but he’s such a monster with the ball that any good coach will work around other deficiencies and keep him on the field. We played a one goal game with them and he didn’t get much time, but clearly knew how to pass when he saw the double coming, and used both hands effectively. Spoke with a dad whose son has faced them 3 times recently all close games and said he got maybe 5 minutes twice and 0 minutes once (in a tourney championship apparently).