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[quote=Anonymous]The majority of the “studs” in 6th grade lacrosse end up as average high school players, or quit the sport. This includes daddy coaches kids, because well, most weren’t good enough to begin with and thats why daddy became the coach.

Save your energy. It is nose picking 6th grade lacrosse. The pandemic is giving you the chance to find something else in life to get really angry about, since lacrosse isn’t happening this year. Go find it.

It depends on how much Daddy Coach is willing to forsake whole team to get his son ahead. Look no further than
" give it to the 9th grader" Coach.

Holding back , Daddy Coach all seem to work to some degree at other players expense. I dont like it, but MIAA is loaded with Daddy Coach players and Holdback/prefirst players. It is what it is as they say !

which teams in miaa have holdback & daddy coach?

Come on...Holdbacks...all of them and not just a few teams. BL, McD, Gil, Loyo, etc. etc....And they are loaded with them. Well many teams have prefirts which for some reason is not considered a holdback?lol.. No idea why as child was heldback in Kindergartner ..Maybe doesnt count before first garde? LOL

And it was referencing Daddy Coached in youth ..so there are many players now that were coached in youth by their Daddy. The most famous at this time on this forum is " give it to 9th grader" Coach . MIAA has had many Daddy Coached holdback sons in MIAA over time, at this time, I am not sure there are any left as last one just graduated I believe.