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Anyone who has not played the Crabs this fall is in for a surprise. They are not the same team from last year. They added a handful holdbacks from the 2025 Crabs team. The fact that the Hawks beat them without much of a roster change speaks volumes to the Hawks team. It was a good game. It was a game people around watching were commenting about. It was a physical. If your team is set up to play the Crabs, you should be prepared, they lost 2 face offs, max.

I did not see much in terms of physicality in this game. Well played lacrosse and the FO kid for crabs is good but is gassed by the 2nd half; they need a #2 FO to win games like this. Hawks defense is surprisingly small and if the crabs had any talent on attack outside of #50 they would have won this game. #21 on crabs is their only real threat up top.

Hawks goaltending is very good; but weak at defense otherwise. They have a couple of big attackman but I was surprised they had trouble running past a very slow crabs defense. What makes hawks better than other teams is they simply do not drop the ball and turn it over. They are very good at getting the lose ball leading to more possessions and their midfield my be the best around; very good ball movement. Hawks is clearly the #1 team but the gap is definitely closing.