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What happened to BLC? Please don't say injury's. This used to be one of the top teams around.
Not a BLC parent and I did not see the games, but I don't think anything "happened" to BLC. They went 0-3 against Hawks, Crabs, and Looneys, one of which has always been dominant, and two of which became dominant this fall due to roster upgrades. All three would be in the top 6-7 nationally (if not higher) if a new ranking were done today. Aside from Looney's one goal loss to VLC yesterday, I don't think that Hawks, Crabs, or Looneys have lost a single game to anybody besides each other since their fall upgrades. Bethesda (who does have some injuries, by the way, ) is a legitimate top 10-15 team nationally, but there is no shame nor surprise that Bethesda played those three teams in one day and went winless.