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Responding to the question of BLC vs. NextLevel. I am not in either program but my sons have played against both and I know families in both. Both are excellent programs with good reputations and good coaches, and would view themselves as peers, not an A and B. At the 2026 level BLC is a bit stronger; in the last Hoco season that was played (2019) BLC was in the Elite division, and NextLevel was in AAA, but NL did win that division, which (I think) entitles it to move up whenever Hoco resumes. If they played each other BLC would probably win, but if their 2027 teams played, NextLevel is better. Many of Nextlevel's players and coaches come from the Heights, if that makes a difference to you.
You can't go wrong with either program.

"a bit stronger".

Just keep disrespecting us. We love it!

It was not disrespectful in any way. It is true.

Look at this summers records against comparable competition for the 2026 teams. Or the last few years for that matter. Not even Close.
Many of the BLC 2026 Players will be heading to Bullis, Georgetown Prep, Gonzaga, Landon, St. Johns, St Albans, etc. If that makes a difference to you.
Does NL play in NAL or NLF tournaments against the best teams in the country? No.
Has NL played in HoCo Elite every year since second Grade? No.
NL is a fine program run by great people but it does it CONSISTENTLY produce top level High School and College Players? No.
Look at both programs holistically. NL vs BLC/DC Express.
Look at how many High level D1 recruits on DCE 2021. Top team in the Country. 19 out of 23 Players off to play in D1 or High level D3.
Watch for how many there will be on DCE 2022. Top 3 team in the Country.

There is no comparison. The two best programs right now top to bottom in the DC area are Madlax and BLC/DC Express.

For you, Next Level Dad, to say these programs at 2026 or beyond are similar, is not based on facts.