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According to this Board, during the recent fight where the FCA player was injured, a RR Dad ran onto the field and challenged everybody to a fight - could a PR RR parent confirm if the man in the white shirt yesterday who tried to find the VLC player's parents is the same guy?
The RR guy in question from yesterday is not a 2026 parent or coach....he is affiliated with other teams in the club. Stay the F down is a ridiculous thing for a 12 yr old to say after a cheap shot that was flagged. I get the frustration of losing which led to the cheap shot (not right, but understandable), but once you know you hurt someone intentionally you should feel like an stunad and apologize not run your mouth and prove you’re poorly parented. Kids will be kids, but parents need to set better examples. Win with class, lose with class (unless you are the Hawks...then just win with class).