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Wish my kids team played at that tournament were them Tigers beat them Hawks this summer only to see Hawks parents solk

The Tigers brought their 2021 team to play the 26 Hawks. All kids on the field were between 17 and 24 years old. You people who worry about holdbacks are crybabies who make excuses for your kids' lack of ability (current ability - they can and will get better). Not every kid is a stand out. That doesnt mean that they can't benefit from an outstanding TEAM experience. Stop crying and living vicariously through your kids. Leave your kids alone. Stop screaming at the officials. Stop emailing your coaches.
Let the attacks begin! Cheers![/quote]

Can you please enlighten the rest of us to your virtuous ways?We are not worthy to receive your enlightenment.[/quote]

+1 - Now that is funny, a Hawks parent lecturing about not living vicariously through your kids. LOL