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I am a 2028 parent with a friend who is moving to Northern Virginia with a 2025 son who will be re-classing to 2026 and asked me to recommend the best and most competitive team; from what I can gather the top four within reasonable driving reach in no particular order are NextLevel, BLC, VLC, and MadLax - how do those four compare and are there others he should be considering??
Thanks in advance.

Tell your friend to drive a little further towards Annapolis and play for the Hawks. Being a holdback he will fit right in.
Such the stunad response.
A little more of an educated response-
It really depends on what kind of player he is and what position he plays. Also depends on whether he is a reclass who has grown(puberty) or a reclass who is still small. Too many variables to be able to tell you which way to go. Their best bet would be to call all of them and see who will give him a supplemental tryout. It will give you a feel for the different atmospheres of the teams. You can tell a lot by a team and its parents by the way they act when a new player shows up for a tryout. Good luck to your friend.