Okay, I have no stake in the True vs. Hawks goalie wars. My son has played against both and IMHO they are both extremely good goalies.

I am the poster who was confused as to why the California Dad was accused of slipping his son's stats into the ranking of top east coast teams, from BLC down to Breakers. (which I think are very accurate, by the way)

But now I get it - the post mentioned, for no apparent reason, that the True goalie made 12 saves and gave up 3 goals in a certain game. So, is somebody suggesting that the "California Dad" is actually the True goalie Dad, who ranked nine east coast teams, merely so he could slip in the fact that his own son had 80% save percentage?

That sounds awfully crazy to me, however, it did start me thinking:

(1) why would a California Dad keep stats on the True goalie;
(2) why are one player's stats on one of the weaker teams on the list relevant to the team rankings.
(3) this poster did seem very focused on the goalie landscape; he mentioned that the VLC goalie is better than BLC, for instance, so maybe he is scouting for his next team.

I have observed crazy behavior from True and Hawks Dads on the sidelines, but if this was written by the True goalie Dad, this takes the cake!

And by the way, if any kids are reading this, nobody is criticizing you - just your crazy Dads!