they're not little compared to the kids who belong in 2026, no answer just like I thought. Why be afraid of the truth? This topic clearly owns you.[/quote]

We have been over this, there are 4 Hawk players who are technically considered holdbacks. Its not that many. The Hawks dominate because they train harder and are focused on being the best.[/quote]

how many 14 year olds?[/quote]

No 14 year olds. Sorry but Hawks are just better than you. Question for you, how many hours a day does your son play xbox or playstation? My son trains. Your son plays Fortnite. That is the difference.[/quote]

Your sons soft as are most of the hawks offensive players. Afraid to get hit and when they do they flop like soccer players. Hilarious.[/quote]

Your son must not be on a team that plays the Hawks much. My son's team does, and they lose. Possible holdbacks, sure. But soft is not a word I would use for those kids.